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Benefits of Coding in the Digital Age

Coding is a mainstay of the modern digital age. Everything that uses software needs code to function. From simple fun such as Tetris to complex calculations used for rocket launches, coding is the building block of modern software technology. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that coding has brought us in the digital age.

Solve Mundane Problems

All great things start small. Code has been used for simple yet crucial mundane tasks. Apps that allow you to purchase items online such as InstaCart are simple but useful. Organizing your schedule isn’t something that takes a lot of code, but has saved millions thanks to streamlining the process.


Courier apps that deliver items straight to your door are also popular and a crucial asset during the COVID-19 pandemic. For transportation, apps such as Uber have lessened the need to become a car owner. While mundane, coding has made a lot of these previously time-consuming tasks faster.

Entertainment and Arts

Coding has revolutionized the ways artists share their vision to the world. It has also revolutionized killing boredom. Simple games such as Flappy Bird prove how coding entertains while reaping massive profits. Platforms such as Netflix give several creators a place to share their creative visions.


Triple-A titles in the video game world prove that the industry has grown past the days of Pong. The current boom in the arts is made possible with the power of coding.


Connecting People Everywhere

Social media enables people to connect with anybody, anywhere, at any time. Gone are the days of snail mail or traveling long distances to meet. With only a few clicks, you can meet a loved one from the other side of the world. It’s not just social media that helps connect people.


Google has enabled people to find information with a simple search. People can share their research, recipes, or opinions. From there, it can be found on Google with the right keywords, for the right people to read them.

Advancements in Biotechnology

Code isn’t limited to things powered by electricity. Code has allowed for the analysis of complex biotechnological structures. This analysis has brought about advancements in several fields that prolong life and help the disabled lead better lives.


Neurosensory devices and complex robotics have led to advancements in prosthetic technology. Bionic limbs can nearly replicate the look and functionality of a biological limb. The complex electric signals sent by the brain to your limbs are replicated by complex code. This advanced science is required for things we take for granted such as picking up objects.

There was no way this could ever be done without code.


Additionally, the technology of DNA sequencing has created breakthroughs in cures for disease. Research on the human DNA not only allows for cures to disease but offers valuable insight into how the human body functions.

Advancements in Sea, Air, and Space-Faring Technology

In the air, advanced GPS technology allows for airplanes to travel the world faster than any other method of transportation. The number of air traffic collisions prevented every year thanks to the coding provided to air traffic controllers saves countless lives. In the sea, code has been used to chart the deep seas and allowed us to make sense of the depths.


For space, code has allowed humanity to run simulations for every step of space travel. Code has helped us understand how well humans will deal with zero gravity, calculate how much fuel is needed to reach outer space, and land safely on the surface of the moon. Code has figuratively, and literally, brought humanity to greater heights than ever before.



Coding has allowed machines to do a lot of repetitive but necessary tasks for us. The endgame should be for humans to do what they want without having to worry about what they need. Robotics has made gargantuan manufacturing tasks a reality. From making soap to building electric cars, all of these mass-produced items are thanks to robotics.


The freed-up time for humans allows us to not only relax but also innovate. We can start working on tasks that bring our entire species to the next technological age. Automation lets us work on what we want without worrying about the details.


Smart Technology

A young but exciting new prospect of technology is making every device “smart”. Every device now can act on its own. Smart homes such as Google and Alexa allow you control over the electronics in your home. From light switches to your coffee maker, you can handle all of these appliances with a single command.


Cars with the ability to self-drive and let the passenger do other tasks. Drones that can deliver packages straight to your door, go on rescue missions, perform reconnaissance, or film never-before-seen events. Smart technology is yet another example of technology improving upon itself.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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