Coding Life

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View the video “Coding Life” segments 1-6.

Assignment 1:

In the video, what is CRISPR? After viewing the segments, how would you explain this to someone who is unfamiliar with this technology? What role does bacteria and virus have in this technology? What potential benefits does CRISPR offer? Do you see any possible unintended consequences at this time?

  • respond meaningfully to a colleague

View the video “Coding Life” segments 6-13.

Assignment 2:

These video segments discusses potential CRISPR impact in several areas of genetic manipulation. Describe 2 which seem the most unexpected and/or most significant. The video also describes possible ethical concerns. Do you agree with these concerns? If you were a policy-maker, what would you recommend in terms of governmental support for further development of CRISPR applications. Be sure to include specific details and reasons in your discussion.

  • respond meaningfully to a colleague


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