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Benefits and possible pitfalls of business process improvement

Discussion: All Aboard!


The video you just viewed explained the benefits and possible pitfalls of business process improvement. It also described how important it is to get everyone on board in the improvement plan to make it work.

As an Operations Manager needing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, what would your solution be, and how would you communicate your ideas to everyone? Think of a business you have worked at before that has tried to undertake process improvement and how that worked out.

Explain some of the considerations involved in trying to create process improvements in the business.


In response to your peers, think about the benefits and limitations of specialization in your business process improvement considerations. Discuss how you would go about improving processes and what is likely to work and not work.

Goals Discussion

Discuss: Look how far you have come!  Where will you go next?

This week is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts related to where you have been and where you want to go from here.

Please reflect on the following questions:

As you reflect on your MBA journey, what are three pieces of advice you would give to a new MBA student based on what you have learned along the way?

What are your next steps as you consider your leadership best practices? Please share at least three goals you are going to set for yourself based on what you have learned and the resources provided in this module.

Reflect on Creating Healthy Organizational Cultures

In this module, we discussed strategies for creating a healthy organizational culture, culture overall, and how conflict impacts the health of an organization. Think about how this module’s content and outcomes impact your personal, educational, and professional life?

Are there areas in which you were challenged? Areas that you would like to explore further? These questions are meant only to spark your reflection, you do not have to answer them all.

Last Updated on June 15, 2022

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