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Detection of Inefficiencies

Choose a business you are familiar with, preferably one where you have worked, and think of a procedure there that may be improved. This could be a career-related business process, manufacturing process, distribution process, or service process that you have seen in action.


Prepare a suggested process improvement plan including the tools and techniques covered in this course using your course textbook and research from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library.


Your essay ought to


Describe the business and how the chosen process fits within its larger structure.


Make a process flow chart and a step-by-step description of the existing procedure.


Examine the procedure as it is to look for inefficiencies.

Create a recommendation for process improvement that includes a thorough strategy that incorporates business process engineering theory and includes benchmarking the reengineered process against a nearby rival. Utilizing the proper tools and techniques learnt throughout the course, such as capacity utilization enhancements and statistical quality control models, the process should be built to be more efficient.


Describe any obstacles to executing the process modifications.


Analyze the predicted and possible benefits of the upgraded process.


The paper on process improvement


Must be between five and seven double-spaced pages long (excluding the title and references pages) and formatted in accordance with the guidelines of the APA Style (Links to an external site) resource provided by the Writing Center.

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