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Attitudes and Characteristics of Interviewers:

Attitudes and Characteristics of Interviewers:

During an interview the case manager takes into consideration the application process & demonstrates attitudes about self and others. One way to learn about these attitudes and characteristics is to watch others conduct interviews. Good practice is to watch interviewers on television. Watch Dr. Phil or any other type of “interviewing-help style” program to gain insight on the following areas listed in this assignment.

While you are watching at least 15-20 minutes of the interview, take notes on the attitudes and characteristics that are important for good interviewing. General Observations (1). Give a very brief review of the presenting issue, then describe how the interviewer presented him or herself. (2). What are your initial impressions of the interviewer? (3). What happened in the interview to cause these initial impressions? (4) Describe how the interviewer greeted the interviewee. (5). What type of climate did the greeting establish? (6) What if any, valuable information did the interviewer collect?

Post your responses to two of your classmates in no less than 50 words “each.” Provide a minimum of two (2) APA citations in your initial post and include the references at the end of your post. Refer to the Discussion Post Rubric at the end of the syllabus. Post this discussion in a narrative format and not a question/answer format

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