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Business Management Discussion Board Assignment

Business Management Class Week 7 Discussion Board Question

Chapter 7 Learning Objectives

After studying Chapter 7, you will be able to:
LO1Define the fundamental characteristics of organization structure.
LO2Distinguish between the four dimensions of an organization’s vertical structure.
LO3Give examples of four basic forms of horizontal structures of organizations.
LO4Describe important mechanisms used to coordinate work.
LO5Discuss how organizations can improve their agility through strategy, commitment to customers, and use of technology.

A important element of this chapter is selecting the “right fit” employees through job interviewing.

Copy and paste into your browser or click on the link to watch a 3min 39sec video offering 7 tips on using body language to ace a job interview.

1) Describe which tip you have used and in what type of interview.

2) Describe which tip you were unaware of but you will surely use yourself.

3) Describe which body language (good or bad) usually JUMPS out at you while conversing either professionally or socially (doesn’t need to be in an interview).

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