Assignment Writing

Rick is a 44 year-old male who comes to the clinic with a complaint ofallergies and asthma He has had

mild intermittent asthma for years that is triggered by allergies and respiratory infections The past few

weeks hs seasonal allergies have been bothering him, and he has been using his albuterol a couple of times a

day for a wheezy cough He has been taking Benadryl for his allergies, but doesn‘t like it because it makes
himsleepy andhe eannottakeitandwork- Heisable towarhbuthe saidhe cannotfinishhis routine S-mile

run each day due to coughing-

He is afebrile, his oxygen saturation is 95% on room air, his in-ofiice spriometry indicates his FEVl is 75%

of predicted-

His only medications are the albuterol inhaler and Benadryl-

1. What would be the appropriate prescription(s) for him today?

2- What type of ongoing monitoring will he need?

What education will he need?

What educationwillheneed’h
Hannaisa14yearoldwhopresentstotheclinicwithfatigueandoomplaints ofgettingreallytiredonher
runs. She isarunnetandisonthe schoolcross conntryandtrackteam- Shehasbeenpreviouslyhealthyand
is a vegetarian Her last menstrual period was 2 weeks prior to the visit She states that her mm are every

Hannah’s Hgb is 10.1 andherHcti5312%- Her ferritinis 14.


2- What education should she receive regarding her medicaton and lifestyle?

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