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Assignment: The Water Manager’s Findings on Pollution

Rivers, lakes, and rainwater are the most important freshwater sources for humans. You may know, however, that many freshwater sources are in danger of becoming polluted. Any physical, biological, or chemical change in water quality that adversely affects living organisms or makes the water unsuitable for desired uses can be considered pollution.

There are many reasons why a community’s water sources become polluted. Water pollution can occur from sewage or when rainwater runoff from urban or industrial areas, agricultural land, or mining operations makes its way back to rivers, lakes, or oceans, or into the ground. Pesticides can wash into water from farms, lawns, golf courses, agricultural spraying, or leaking storage tanks.

Acids, caustics such as lye toxic metals, strong detergents, and other strong inorganic chemicals can find their way into your water through leaking containers, illegal dumping of wastes, or disposal in sewers or septic tanks. In this Assignment, you will play the part of the manager of a water plant. You will evaluate the impact of pollution on the environment and how to clean up local water pollution and conserve the limited clean-water supply.

To prepare for this Assignment:

• Review the many causes of water pollution and the rate at which humans accelerate the causes of water pollution.
• Consider the ways in which water quality control personnel analyze water for the presence of pollution.
• Reflect on water conservation methods that citizens can reasonably employ during a pollution cleanup effort.

The Assignment:
Imagine you are a water manager for a growing urban area in which the local water supply has become polluted and is in short supply.

• Compose a 500-word essay in which you do the following:
o Identify sources of possible water pollution in the urban environment. Assess the immediate damage these sources cause to the local environment and ecosystems, as well as the long-term damage if the pollution is left unchecked.
o Evaluate different recommendations that you, as the plant manager, can make to citizens to reduce water pollution. Rank your ideas in order of difficulty to implement. Explain how citizens might put each of your recommendations to use in the short term to help clean up the water supply.
o Next, address ways to make the water supply safe for consumption. For each idea, evaluate the cost and approximate length of time required to restore the water supply to safe levels. Cite any sources you use to support your ideas, as a plant manager would do in making a report.

Other information: Use APA style of writing, the paper should have an introduction paragraph, body of the paper and a conclusion paragraph that brings it all together. Don’t forget examples to support your answers were needed.

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