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Application of one ethical theory

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Do we have any duties to future generations of people? Why or why not? What are these duties? How much nature do we owe to future generations? How can

we harm future generations by destroying the environment, if they wouldn’t have existed but for this destruction? Instructions

Application of one ethical theory (for deontology)

Final Research essay due.

Paper must include all of the following: MLA Style
Investigativeessay on the basis of possible topics in the field of environmental ethics found at the end of this section.
Ability to use ethical reasoning to formulate reflectivepositions on some of the more pressing moral problems in contemporary society.

Here is the rubric you will receive with your final paper:
15/15: Composition: Is paper written well with attention to syntax, grammar, clear thesis statement,consistent paragraphing and proper citations style

or are there recurring problems with any of these?
15/15: History of topic: Does paper develop historical context for the moral issue from 1960 onwardin a clear and chronologically coherent manner or

does the paper fall short of doing this in specificways?
20/20: Pro versus Con: Does paper spell out clearly conflicting sides of the issue or does it only showone side or is it entirely missing a pro/con

30/30: Application of ethical theories: Does author treat issue with two ethical approaches studiedduring the term in depth (or analyzes the issue with

unusual and sustained depth from the standpointof one theory)?
20/20: Personal Conclusion: Does author develop a concluding personal analysis that expresses theirstandpoint on the subject in a thorough and clear way

or does it sum up the issue superficially or isthe paper missing a genuine personal conclusion?




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