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Application and analysis of developmental theories

This assignment will focus on the application and analysis of developmental theories of childhood. This paper should be written correctly in APA style in paragraph/essay form with references. Length should be between 5-6 pages. However, the paper should NOT exceed 6 pages (not including the references and cover pages). You should have at least 5 SUPPORTING ARTICLES on your choices of theory and client issue in your references as well as any other sources used including the textbook and any website cited.

For this paper you will choose an issue. Some examples are: adolescent skipping school and experimenting with alcohol, a toddler refusing to potty train, a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, A child adopted from an international orphanage at 9 years old, a physical or learning disability, a pre-teen girl with behavioral issues and fighting at school, etc. These are a few examples.

You can be creative. You may use a client from one of your internships, but it isn’t necessary if you don’t have one or want to work a different issue. Then you will choose three theories discussed in the text that can help a worker better understand the client in a developmental perspective and the possible treatment interventions. Use the outline below to structure your paper. Use the headings provides and make sure to answer all bullets in each section.


Summarize the issue in 1-2 sentences. It can be a completely made up scenario.
Write 1 sentence naming the three theories you will discuss in your paper
Theory Critique

Write one paragraph for each theory reviewing the major aspects of the theory. Who first developed the theory? What are the major points and stages in the theory. Use outside sources to support your assertions about the theory.
Write 1 paragraph explaining the major similarities and differences in the three theories.
Theory Application

Explain how each theory would apply to the client issue.
How does this theory help us understand the client’s issue and developmental stage?
How does this theory relate to intervention? How could you use the information in each theory to help the client? What intervention would you use?

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