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Annual Human Resources Operating Plan

Annual Human Resources Operating Plan

The strategic plan of a company or organization drives the writing of the operating plans of every department, and once written, based on that strategic plan, operating plans drive the direction of each department’s planned work in supporting their organization while maintaining alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and its business strategies.

This week you begin finalizing an Annual Human Resources Operating Plan for the organization you chose in Week 1, pulling in content already written in previous assignments. The whole purpose is to write academic introductions using your references provided in this course, for every single section and creating your full Reference page required in Section 7. Refer to and use the Week 7 Template that has been modified to fit this week’s work.

Access the modified Template template for this week in this week’s Learning Resources. The sequence and numbering of Key Section Headings cannot be altered. On the other hand, the template contains detailed instructions for each section, which, after reading, you should delete all these prompts and instructions.

Also included in the Learning Resources is a flowchart that gives you a visual representation of an Annual Human Resources Operating Plan, which provides context for your work.

To complete this Assignment, populate EACH SECTION HEADING (1-6) of the modified Annual Human Resources Operating Plan for the Human Resource Department/Division template creating an academic introduction that draws upon your assigned/academic readings in this course to create context for any reader of this plan.

Human Resources Operating Plan

Complete the following:

  • Based on the work you have done to date – the brief research on the organization from Week 1, together with required weekly course readings – write an academic introduction for each Key Section (1-6 Section Headings) and for 1.1. 1.2, 4.1, and 4.2 Sub-Headings using the Week 5 Template. This initial content for each section and sub-section, will immediately create the minimum requirement of 10-15 references for your References.


This initial draft completes much of the Capstone Project, leading you directly to focusing on the heart of the plan, i.e., Section 4 HR Strategies and the 6-7 Key Action Steps required for each strategy. The strategies and action steps are the CORE of any plan, and writing these is where your wisdom and understanding of your HR program really is demonstrated.

The final version of your Annual Human Resources Operating Plan will be due in Week 7, so this week’s initial draft allows you to receive early feedback which will be exceptionally helpful in ensuring your success with the Capstone Project by providing an opportunity for any needed adjustments prior to that time.

How to create a HR Department Annual Strategic Plan

Annual Human Resources Operating Plan

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