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Alzheimer disease as World Health Issue

Alzheimer disease as World Health Issue

Assignment 1

The assignment will be marked on the student?s ability to:
Construct a good essay in terms of an introduction, body and conclusion
Present a good argument
Make use of their own voice
Identify and use good quality resources
Use adequate and correct referencing skills
This assignment must use the following layout ? 1.5 line spacing, 12 size font, 2.5cm margins
all round. All assignments must use the Harvard style of referencing.
The word count for this paper is 1000 words and includes all in-text referencing and tables, but
not the reference lists. There is no 10% rule. Words over this limit will not be marked.
Assignment question/topic
The title of the assignment is: ?World Health Issues ? a critical comparison across
two countries?. The essay should demonstrate your ability to find information, analyse it critically, reference it correctly and write well.
The essay title is very broad; you will need to narrow it down to a particular health
issue, which can be relevant to your profession. Demonstrate you have critically
reviewed a range of data and have synthesised and compared the information.
For example if you are interested in Malaria, you may even narrow your topic to
treatment, transmission, or prevention in the three countries of choice.
Steps to get you started:
1. Choose your health topic of interest ( Alzheimer Disease)
2. Choose 2 countries : Brazil and Australia.
1/ CONCEPT – early demntial , Alzhrimer Disease
2/ CONCEPT – Prevention, intervention ,control
3/ CONCEPT – Australia, Brazil
This assignment relates to a number of the course objectives:
Critically analyse and synthesis information from a range of sources including
Discuss the relevance of information to healthcare in different contexts
Demonstrate appropriate academic writing skills
Compare and contrast several contemporary approaches to health care, using
information that has gathered from a range of sources ? journal, net, text? I prefer to use Preview Journal Articals
Incorrect referencing will result in the assignment being returned for correction.
If the referencing is still not correct the essay will receive a F1 automatically
This is primarily an essay assignment. Please make use of the resources within the
course to help you focus and synthesis your ideas for this assignment. Re-marking and
re-submission are not permitted.
This assignment will not be acceptable if I do not introduce my drafts OR outline. it is necessary to show my outline to the teacher before the submitting time for this assignment !
please ensure that you send me the outline before you start writing the assignment !
In my paper I would like you to use a Catchy title Like ( Picture )
In the body paragraphs support you ideas from more than one Article . use both style sentences, use of explanation, and argument to link ideas .
it is not common for people to write about this topic. So please make it interesting for people to think about your words and last comment in conclusion.

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