Race and Gender

Answer ONE of the following questions:

1. ‘The prostitute in cinema only serves the male imagination’: Discuss with reference to TWO theories and THREE creative texts.
2. How does the dominant representation of sex trafficking engage with current debates on immigration and nationality? Discuss with reference to TWO theories and THREE creative texts.
3. How do representations of African Child soldiers on film subvert or confirm Western ideas of Africa? Discuss with reference to TWO theories and THREE creative texts.
4. The visual field is not neutral to the question of race; it is itself a racial formation, an episteme, hegemonic and forceful’ (Butler 2015: 141). Discuss.
5. Take AT LEAST TWO of the following categories and examine the role they have played in the theoretical construction of one of the topics we have discussed on this module:

Final Essay Guidelines:

Your essay must not exceed 3800 words and must not be shorted than 3000. The word count includes all references (Harvard style) but excludes the bibliography. Please include a word count at the end of the essay.
Essays must be formatted correctly: sans-serif/size 12 font, with full margins, and 1.5 line-spacing.
All essays must include full references (Harvard style – link to referencing guide under assignments tab on blackboard); a clearly marked bibliography; a comprehensive list of any films, art, photography, exhibitions etc… referenced – also ensure that you clearly label any images/screenshots used in the body of the essay and where you retrieved them from. If you’re unsure of how to reference a text please ask.
The essay must have a minimum of SEVEN sources (aim for 10). The essay must refer to at least one of each of the following: a monograph, an article from an edited collection, and a journal article. If you do not know how to access these then please ask for help.
Do not rely exclusively on Internet materials. Try to only use peer-reviewed academic material – if you use a non-traditional source it must be clearly justified. Avoid constructing a bibliography purely from material on googlebooks and cross-reference material found there to ensure that it is appropriate. Please email the tutor if you have questions about online material.
‘A good research question will allow you to move beyond mere description. That is, an analytical question moves beyond the ‘what’ and explores the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.’ Make sure you critically discuss your topic and make clear use of the theory covered in the module. Try to reference the original text rather than taking quotes from secondary sources.


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