Airport Security Technology

Total of 5 questions based on Airport Operations and Management.

Airport Security Technology

Are you in tune with current technology regarding airport security?

Do you know what’s around the corner? Airport security is like a football: it is constantly changing directions and is hard to get a firm hold on.

Evaluate what technologies are currently in place at commercial service airports to support the requirements of 49CFR Part 1542.

What new technologies are in the wings, and do you think the existing and new technologies will assist in reducing the threat of terrorism?

How do cybersecurity threats and/or mitigation protocols affect these technologies?

Part 1 – Airport Financial Review

An airport manager must utilize sound financial practices in managing their airport. Research and analyze your chosen airport’s overall financial situation and address the following in a 4-6 page essay:

  • After reviewing financial statements and information, what is your opinion of your airport’s overall financial situation?
  • Include details on O&M expenses, capital expenses, sources of revenue, recommended changes, and other appropriate financial information.
  • Ensure you discuss the different levels of privatization and complex relationships that may exist at airports.

All written assignments are to be prepared as scholarly documents in accordance with the current edition of the APA Manual, and will be automatically evaluated through Turnitin.

Additional research and inquiry is encouraged as well as original thought and critical thinking.

Part 2 – Airport Financing

You should be familiar with evaluating the needs of an airport and the funding options required to meet these needs.

Because airports are public entities and provide a service to their community, there is often a lot of media articles covering these issues.

It is important for airport officials to inform and educate their communities on what is needed at their airport in order to meet their aviation needs.

You will often see pro and con articles that discuss these issues from varying viewpoints.

For this assignment, conduct a literature search for a recent article related to airport financing.

Evaluate the airport and what it wants to do, and then evaluate the pros and cons of the article to see how it impacts the airport’s intentions.

Do the article and the writer meet the credibility test, and is the article valid for readers to gain correct information on the issue?

Ensure that you discuss the various funding programs and complex relationships that exist at airports.

Airport Programs and/or Initiatives

Do you know what economic, political, and social roles airports fill in your community?

Research and describe an example of an airport program or initiative tied to its economic, political, or social roles within the community.

You may want to explore how the airport contributes to the economic prosperity of its community, the airport’s environmental and/or social initiatives, or the various complex relationships involved in airport management.

Is this program or initiative effective? Do you recommend any changes?

Airport Capacity and Delay Article Review

Delve into the issues of capacity and delay by researching recent literature on the topics.

Capacity and delay are constant issues for airlines and airports. As mentioned in the overview, it is a tug of war with the rope being very slippery, since events can change instantaneously.

For this assignment, conduct a literature search for a recent article related to airport capacity and delay related to the Learning Objectives contained within this module.

Post a concise review that addresses the following points.

  • Provide a summary of the article and then evaluate the pros and cons of the validity of the argument.
  • Provide your opinion on the impact of the argument.
  • Provide your opinion on the validity of the argument.

Airport Master Plans

Utilizing as a reference, describe at least one element of an Airport Master Plan.

Discuss the importance of this element and how it fits into the overall Airport Master Plan document to include its processes and objectives.

Discuss how this element may fit into various types of airport planning studies including planning concepts at the national, regional, and state levels.

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