Aviation Discussion

Four questions to be answered a paragraph per question.
About seven lines per paragraph.

1) El Al Airlines
The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City created awareness on the grave importance of airline and airport security. After the disaster, many airlines and airport operators started scrambling for effective and efficient aviation security systems.

It was during this period where the legendary Israeli airlines, El Al, became synonymous with aviation security. Discuss ways El Al secures its passengers.

2) Flight Guard
Describe the system “Flight Guard” and discuss its effectiveness.

3) Air Marshalls
Describe the role of the air marshals and the countries that benefit from their presence.

4) Body Language Detection

Viewed as a unique skill, this method has been a fixture in security for years in a variety of countries in the Middle East. Describe some hurdles of implementing this method in the US.

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