Network analysis

Use python to do network analysis:

First, choose the EWR airport as the original airport( in Colum H), create a network from EWR to all distinction (in Colum K), every airport is a node, the edge weight is the times two airports are connected, the more the times, the bigger a node will be. It also requires latitude and longitude in Colum AG,AH), which means the whole network graph should be on a USA map.

There are five delay reasons in Colum Z,AA,AB,AC,AD, the number means the delay time(minute), if it is 0, it means that this flight is delayed not for that reason. Create the network by showing the Graph, and also calculate the closeness, betweenness, degree mentioned in the data.

Then, change the original airport from EWR to JFK, repeat the above step.

Finally, change the original airport from JFK to LAX, repeat the above step.

All the three graphs should be in the same format.

Explain and analyze the results obtained. Compare in two groups, one is EWR and JFK(close to each other); another one is EWR and LAX(different state)

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