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Adaptive leadership in organizations

You should NOT have any quoted material. Any answers provided with fewer than 75 words will have content deductions. Use your own words.
1.What stands out as useful in authentic leadership? What is the meaning of the core competencies associated with authentic leadership per Avolio and Walumbwa (2014)?

2.The initial framework for Servant Leadership in 1970 by Greenleaf contends that “formal leaders should act as servants first and leaders second” (p. 197). How would you describe this style of leadership in practice in a large organization?

3.Explain in your own words, what is the concept of adaptive leadership in organizations?

4.Heifetz et al. (2009) defined four adaptive challenge archetypes that aid in identifying patterns associated with adaptive work. What are the four archetypes (models) and briefly describe (in your own words) what they mean.

5.The psychodynamic approach to leadership contends that personality is an important aspect of how we lead and how we follow. What is the concept behind psychodynamic leadership and how does it work to improve effectiveness?

6.What are the three theoretical approaches to ethics and briefly describe what they mean.

7.Teams are generally defined as a group of individuals who come together to achieve an established goal. How does leadership differ when leading a team verses leading a single person?

8.In relation to women in leadership positions, what is the concept of the “glass ceiling”?

9.Explain the differences in working cultures in the U.S. verses Japan. How is leadership affected?

10.In 75 words or more, comment on the overall message of this course. What did you learn about leadership, motivation, and leadership traits?

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