Data statistic analysis

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1- Collect a sample of data of size 30 for at least three continuous variables (such as age, weight, height, income, marks, area of classes…..) or discrete variables (such as number of trips, number of courses, number of students, number of children, number of population in a country……..)

2- Carefully define your variables, your sample size

3- Construct a multiple correlation matrix between your variables;

  1. Comment upon the strength and direction of the linear relationship of each two variables
  2. State which two variables are the most correlated, and why, which two variables are the least correlated, and why
  3. Draw a simple line representing this relation.

4- Obtain the multiple regression equation by excel;

  1. Comment upon its determination coefficient, explain its meaning.
  2. Comment on the significance (p-values) of all the estimated coefficients
  3. Comment on the significance (ANOVA) of the whole regression model

5- Use the estimated equation for;

  1. Estimating the fifth period of time
  2. Calculating the error of estimation corresponding to such period
  3. Forecasting the 35th period of time


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