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50-100 words comment

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Please focus on the content of the case analysis, not the written organization or structure of the response.

    1      Using path-goal theory, what do you think is the type of leadership style that Derek should adopt?

After reading the case, our group decided on a leadership style Derek should use. The leadership style is to perform actions based off what the employees want not just what the boss wants. Having this type of leadership will increase the departments stats and make the work environment more enjoyable. As stated in the case, every employee in the department has a different work method, so working together with one another isn’t the best method. If Derek allows every employee to work at their own pace and use their own methods, everything will be just fine. So overall, Derek should take a more independent approach to how the department is ran, let the employees speak their mind and let them work how they want to work.


    2      Do you think empowerment is a realistic goal for this department? Why or why not?

Based off the case, our group decided that empowerment is not a realistic goal for this department. Stated in the case, employees don’t want one person determining what they do. If this department had no boss, it seems like the entire department would get doubled the amount of work done compared to when having a boss. But on the other hand, if there was a boss and he/she went off the opinions of the employees of that department, that would be a beneficial assessment to the whole department and even to the whole company. In conclusion, our group thinks having no empowerment is the most beneficial, but if there was a little empowerment then that could also work too.


    3      What other issues do you think Derek needs to consider as he takes over as head of this department? Explain you reasoning.

There are a few issues Derek needs to consider. One issue is that if he goes by what the employees want, then he must make sure that their methods are good so that the department doesn’t decline/get no work done. If Derek makes sure that every employee is working at 100% then this issue should never appear. The second issue is that he needs to act like a boss to the employees and not be their “friend” during work hours. If Derek treats his employees as a friend, then the work effort for the whole department will decline and that would result in Derek potentially loosing his job. The mindset of Derek during work hours should always be that he is the boss of the employees and not the boss of his friends. Those are the two issues our group came up with.

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