3×3 outline and email

Business Communication

You boss, Chris, at GCC Corporation is flying in for a conference at Glendale Community College. He lives in Texas and does not know the Glendale area very well. He has asked you to do some research and to let him know which hotel he should stay at for the conference.

First, create a 3×3 outline.

Then,write an email to Chris using the 3×3 writing outline you created.

Create both of these in a single Word document and submit on Canvas.

3×3 outline sample

You want to throw a surprise party for your coworker so you want to write your boss to get permission.  Create a 3×3 outline for this scenario.  You can make up any information to create a complete 3×3.



  • The purpose is to ask my boss about throwing a surprise party for a coworker
  • My boss is friendly and enjoys parties
  • My boss is very ethical and would not feel comfortable using company time for a party


  • He will be excited and enthusiastic about throwing a party
  • He will be more comfortable if the party is during lunch hours
  • There is a limited budget for parties


  • I will use email as my communication channel
  • I will be direct in asking about the party
  • I will also give my boss the option of helping plan since he might be worried about the budget



  • First, I will research venues and food so that I can have a good idea about costs
  • I will also research who should be invited to the party


  • I will organize the message by being direct and asking about the party in the beginning of my email
  • Then I will give suggested details on venue and pricing


  • I will draft the email at work using Outlook



  • I will read my draft to eliminate flabby expressions
  • I will also simplify hard to understand words


  • I will read my email out loud twice to check for grammatical errors


  • After proofreading I will read the email to make sure the tone is pleasant
  • I will also make sure that it is clear to my boss that he can be as involved in the planning as he wants.


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