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Standards and Regulations, Discussion Board

It is very important that you review the instructions for Unit 4 Individual Project and Unit 5 Individual Project before you create your outline for this discussion board. You will create an outline that focuses on the bullets in 4IP and 5IP. This is not an outline for the course. You should write your Final Assignment on the bullets in 4IP and 5IP. You will not be given credit for writing an outline of the course. The Final Assignment is about the EHR implementation.

You should create an outline and first name the members of the implementation committee. Then you will also describe how to update the computers in the facility. This is Part 1 of your outline and also what you will discuss in 4IP. In Part 2 of the outline, you will be select three departments that will be highlighted in the implementation.

They will have a task that should be analyzed and changed to meet their needs during the new EHR processes. Training will need to be planned as well. Then you will need to discuss the vendor selection and their contribution to updates and maintenance for the EHR system. Lastly, develop five questions the facility will ask the vendor while making the selection for the appropriate vendor company.


Last Updated on July 26, 2019

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