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1880-1945 History of Labor and Work in the U.S.

  • Explain Taylorism, and Fordism and how they are connected. Then tell me how much of an impact Taylorism and Fordism had on American society and the extent to which both are still with us in the present.


  • At Homestead and many other industrial workplaces of the late 19th century, skilled workers held firm to protecting their autonomy. In fact, as noted in your textbook, the workers at Homestead believed the facility belonged to them as much as it did to Andrew Carnegie.

Based on your readings, to what extent did the workers have control of these massive industrial facilities and on what basis did they define their autonomy and control over the work? Why were workers so resistant to employer initiatives that violated or threatened their [worker] autonomy? Why did they think it was worth striking and literally dying for?

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