Youth Detention Centers

Discuss any underlying issues with Australian Youth detention centers.
Additional materials provided.

Engaging with Politics Assessment
Worth 40%, made up of 15% short-answer questions + 25% letter to a Member of Parliament on a current issue
Short-Answer Questions for EwP Assignment (15 marks)
1.) What is the issue, and why is it important to liberalism, democracy, and/or justice?
(4 marks)
2.) What sources did you use to research the issue? Briefly explain your research process.
(4 marks)
3.) Briefly explain the different levels of government in Australia. Which level of government would you target primarily if you wanted to be heard on this issue? Why?
(4 marks)
4.) Who have you chosen to write to about the issue? Are they a member of the government or Opposition? Why did you choose this person?
(3 marks)

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