Yoga Final Project

In the Final Project, you will answer some questions about your experience with the meditation process that we used:  Mindfulness, 3 part breath or Dirga Swasam, intention and gratefulness, record.  Submit the answers to the following questions.   Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Here are the questions.  Answer in Complete Sentences.

  1.  1pt.     How did you record your meditation sessions?  In a journal?  Online?
  2.  3pt      In part 1 of your meditation process, Mindfulness, was it useful to use a body scan to get in touch with your body?  Did you go head to toe?  Was your mind wandering during mindfulness?  Were you able to observe this?
  3.  2pt      Did your sitting position change during the course of your meditation session?  Were you elevated?  Sitting?  What position?
  4.  3pt      What was your experience with pranayama or breath meditation?  Do you like the 3 part breath or Dirga Swasam?  Do you like to use counting in your breath meditation?  If so, do you use 4 cts in, 6 cts?
  5.  3pt      Were you realistic in your intentions?   Do you like setting intentions?
  6.  3pt      Reasons to be grateful.  Do you like this practice?  Did you find that you were coming up with the same reasons over and over?
  7.  3pt      Do you like the recording process?  What is a value of recording intentions and reasons to be grateful?
  8.  3pt      Did you feel like you derived some benefits from your meditation sessions.  If so, what were they?  If not, explain why.
  9.  2pts    Share one thing that you liked about this yoga class.
  10. 2pt      Share one way that you think it could be improved as an online yoga class.
  11.  1pt.     In the years since yoga has become commercially popular in the United States, the word “namaste” has taken on a life of its own.    Define Namaste in one or two sentences.
  12. 1pt     In 2015, a Georgia elementary school banned the greeting “namaste” in their yoga classes because some parents thought that certain elements of the practice reflected a “non-Christian” belief system.  How do you feel about the use of the Sanskrit word? Discuss this in 3 or 4 sentences
  13.  1 pt   Define Mindfulness. (1 or 2 sentences)
  14.  1 pt   Discuss some components of Mindfulness.  (3 or more sentences)
  15. 1 pt    Give an example of a mindfulness technique.
  16.  1 pt   Describe how YOU do the child’s pose.
  17.  1 pt   Describe the body position for Basic Savasana
  18.  1 pt   How do you do 3 part inhalation or Dirga Pranayama?
  19.  2pt    Compare Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, and Astanga yoga.    (total = 3 sentence minimum)

Last Updated on May 21, 2021

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