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Diet Analysis Project


1. Go to

2. Set up a profile

3. Search foods and record your food intake for seven days (note: if can’t find a specific food item, then try to substitute or search each component separately).


4. When done, create your nutrient report. You will be able to view a report for all seven days and see a comparison between your nutrient averages and the recommended averages.


5. EXPORT the report as either a PDF or a Word file.


6. In a separate MS Word document, answer the following questions (be sure to include the question with your answer):

1) Discuss in detail your thoughts as you were entering your profile information as well as daily food items.

2) Discuss in detail your thoughts as you looked at your Nutrient Report.

3) Identify nutrients that you were either deficient in (i.e. “under”) or toxic (i.e. “over”). What changes can you make in your diet to correct these?

4) Compare your Nutrient Report to the diet planning principles we discussed in class. Look at any nutrients you are lacking, missing, etc. and discuss in detail why these are important, their function in the body and how you can add these to your diet going forward.

5) Make reasonable recommendations for your diet whether or not you had any deficiencies or toxicities.


Each of your responses should be at least 2-3 paragraphs for the above questions and your entire report should be no less than 2 full pages.


You are not graded on how healthy (or unhealthy) you eat in these 7 days. You will be evaluated, rather, on the completeness of your food record. For example: did you include careful serving sizes? Did you include name brands when possible? Did you log everything you drank? etc.

Grading Criteria:

· Each student must answer questions using complete sentences that employ appropriate grammar. Each question should be answered with a minimum of 2 paragraphs.

· The answers must be typed up and saved in a MS Word document with 1 inch margins and size 12 font.

· Print and turn in to the instructor the following two documents: (1) the Nutrient Intake Report and (2) the answers to the above questions.

Last Updated on September 21, 2022

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