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Writing Project Three: The Persuasive Essay

Writing Project Three: The Persuasive Essay

So far this semester, you have been watching, listening to, and discussing a number of Freakanomics podcasts and video clips that focus on issues related to college, the Internet, and beauty. You have also been reading and discussing various articles and essays written on these subjects. Throughout these encounters, you have been exposed to a number of ideas with which you may agree, agree with conditions, or disagree. Writing Project Three (WP3) will ask you to engage one of these ideas with a persuasive essay of your own.

In a 5-7 page essay, you will select one of the ideas addressed in an assigned reading or podcast and write a persuasive essay in which you take a stance and support your stance in a way that would persuade a particular audience.

Your essay should contain a clear argumentative thesis and supporting evidence delivered in a logical organizational structure. It should also consider counter-arguments, and it should follow APA paper and citation format (we’ll talk about this in class). You should include research from at least one of our assigned sources (a reading or podcast) and at least two sources of your own selection.

I encourage you to select at least one of your sources from a database, but all sources should be credible and authoritative. Be sure to cite all sources. You should imagine an appropriate audience for your essay and adopt a tone and style that will enable you to persuade that audience.

I will be available to you at all stages of the drafting and revision process, and I encourage you to submit your manuscript to the OWL before making your final submission.



I am thinking to discuss the identity of beauty, and how it is related the identity of the beauty. Sometimes it could the culture be related to the identity of beauty.

  • Beauty
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Ugly

The subject of the beauty get me feel confusing of which part I will discuss. I feel it is a huge subject. I will try to focus in the points that is related to the identity of the beauty


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