Sustainability Reflection Essay

(1) First, WATCH 2 videos of your choice – at least 1 video from each category below: {You may watch more than 2 videos, but watch AT LEAST 1 from each category}

Sustainability in Business/Industry:

“Paper Beats Plastic?” (Leyla Acaroglu)
“Going All-In on Selling Sustainability” (Steve Howard)

2. Sustainable Living:

“The Ten-Item Wardrobe” (Jennifer Scott)
“A Rich Life with Less Stuff” (The Minimalists)

(2) AFTER watching at least one sustainability video from each category, write your Sustainability Essay…

reflect on the ideas presented in the talks you watched
consider your own worldview, values, and hope for the future
&, craft a thoughtful essay that meets the following criteria:
Explicitly state which videos you chose to watch
Describe how these talks (and your reflection on them) caused you to
think differently about ‘sustainability’
Incorporate specific examples from each talk into your essay
Discuss at least 2 specific ideas/statements (from the talks) that you
found particularly interesting – Do you agree or disagree with each? Explain.
(It is absolutely okay to disagree with these speakers, but do so thoughtfully
… Incidentally, you should agree thoughtfully as well.)
Approximate length of your essay: ~500 words, but …
I’m less concerned about the word count. I’m more interested in your writing being clear, concise, and comprehensive. Say everything you need to say, but nothing more. If you can do that in 300 words, do it. If you need 600 words, go for it. Clear. Concise. Comprehensive.
I strongly encourage you to write your essay in Word, and then paste it into the Discussion Board – this will reduce the chance of losing your essay while typing it, it will help with the proofreading process, and it will ensure that you have a back-up copy on your computer.
Proofread your essay for clarity, flow, grammar, spelling, etc. – You may want to consider reading your essay aloud, as it can be easier to hear incorrect, redundant, and confusing writing (as opposed to seeing it).

Last Updated on February 11, 2019