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Writing an Email Message

This email message assignment is based on a scenario that establishes a writing situation.

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You are the director of human resources for  WidgetCorp .

A couple of employees have approached their supervisors and requested that their spouses or friends be allowed to participate in company intramural baseball, basketball, and volleyball teams.  Although the teams play only once a week during the season, these employees state that they don’t want to take anymore time away from friends and family.  There are 65 employees that currently participate in coed teams, and these teams are for company employees only.  These sports activities were designed to improve employee morale and give employees chances to bond and foster good relationships.

One of the issues you see is if non-employees were to participate, employee interaction would be limited.  Although some team members might have fun if spouses or friends were included, you are not so sure all employees would enjoy it.  You are concerned that including family and friends would affect employees’ relationships as employees might spend more time with their friends and family rather than with their co-workers.

Another issue is that Widgetcorp doesn’t want to pay for the extra administrative or equipment costs of creating more teams.  In addition, adding more teams also would require changes to team rosters and game schedules.  This could create a bigger problem as some employees would not be able to participate because of budgetary restriction and scheduling restrictions, which is something you don’t want to happen because it goes against the reason for setting up the intramural sports teams in the first place.

You understand the need for social time with friends and families, and guests are always welcome as spectators at all sporting events.  In addition, Widgetcorp sponsors a family year-end party and an annual summer picnic for family and friends to enjoy.

What you need to do:

Write an email to all Widgetcorp staff stating the policy of having only employees on Widgetcorp’s intramural sports teams. In your email include a method for employees to send their confirmation stating that they understand and will follow the policy.  The deadline for this response should be 7 days from when you send your email.

Widgetcorp’s address and telephone number are NYIT-701 W Georgia St Suite #1700, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8, phone (604) 639-0942 Your business email address is your NYIT email address.


  1. Write an informative email to all employees detailing the company intramural sport team policy.

Refer to Chapter 4 and class power-point presentation for correct email format and organization.

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