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World War I

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Midterm Exam Questions – Please Print this to Use a Refernce

Hist 4389 – World War I                                                                                                  200 points total


Complete the following sections of the exam; please read all instructions carefully and answer the questions as completely and in as much detail as possible.  The system will only accept one submission, so make sure you answer both questions in one Word document.  And, as with every other assignment in this class, cite your sources.


Midterm Exam

Section A (1 Essay worth 100 points):  Answer the following question in detail,

1). “World War I had one, overriding cause that most people can agree on.”  Agree or disagree, use examples from the lecture to buttress your argument.


Section B (1 Essay worth 100 points): Answer following question in detail,

2). After the war began, it quickly spread around the world.  Based on what we have covered in the class so far, explain why the war spread from the Western Front to the rest of the world.  Make sure you cite facts from the class so far to back up your basic assertions.

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