World Philosophy

Topics in World Philosophy

Write a short essay (2-3 pages) to discuss Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. In the essay, you should cover the following issues:

1.1 Explore the meaning of one of the metaphors in Plato’s writing: eg what do the chains stand for in the Allegory of the Cave and who put the prisoners in chains? Or what does the fire stand for and who set up the fire? Explain why Plato said that “the prisoners are like purselves” Identily specifie bias originates our biological, social or cultural conditions to support your analysis

1.2 Discuss Plato’s notion of Form. What are the differences between the visible world (appeurance) and the invisible world (reality) Uise an example to explain why Plato claimed that forms are essential and perfcct

1.3 Describe the stages through which we ean escape from the cave and ascent into the domain of true knowledge (the hicrarchy of awareness, or the process to enlighienment). What are the differences between opinion and truc knowledge according to Plato? Use your own personal experience to discuss what we can learn through a journey to enlightenment.

2. Write a short essay (2-3 pages) to discuss Confucius’ notion of “goodness”. In the essay, you should cover the following issues:

2.1 Seicct a quote from The Analects to exemplify Confucius’ notion of Goodness.” Use your own language to explicate the quote. What are the most important requirement for a person to demonstrate Goodne

2.2 Confucius described several approaches to become a gentleman (a person with Goodness), such as observing rites and practicing filial piety. Select one of these approuches, then explain how it is related to the virtue of Goodness. Lise an example from the film The Last Emperon or observations from your life to illustrate your points

2.3 Critically evaluate the Confucius’ ethics ls the idea of becoming a gentlemian (a persorn with Goodness) relevant to our lives in the 21 century? Will the world or our socicty be form your position, but you should offer reasons/facts to justify your position.

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