Women’s rights were a security issue

Analyzing validity on Hillary Clintons statement (women’s rights were a security issue)

Identify the problem you would like to address.
Precisely define relevant concepts or categories.
If applicable, propose potential solutions or remedies.

Describe your research focus and methodology.

In this assignment you are asked to discuss, as precisely as possible, whatever is directly applicable to your research paper: theory, method of collecting data, historical timelines, geographic details, technical dimensions, etc. You will be reviewing immense information during this seminar and discussing important issues – you have to have logical and coherent ways of making sense of it all.

Format and Style Guidelines

Length: no restrictions.
Times New Roman 12-point font.
Double-spaced with a 1.25-inch left margin and 1-inch top, bottom and right margins.
The documentation style utilized must be consistent throughout the paper. Students must choose one of the established academic styles: APA, MLA or the Chicago Style

Last Updated on March 12, 2020