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William Shakespeare’s sonnet 18

Objective: Argue the nature of performance and its necessity.

What does this mean? You need to argue if performance is really necessary for drama to be drama.

Sources: At least one play from our anthology

Outside Sources: None

Length: 5 pages

Format: MLA


Drama is literature given breath, words with motion and movement. Drama is unique amongst the Super-Genres in that it is not only meant to be performed, it is meant to have a physical component that greatly alters how the work functions. Through performance, staging, and direction, Drama comes alive in a literal way; however, this then begs the question: Can a drama truly be evaluated through text alone?

In a 5 page, MLA format essay, support or reject this assertion: Drama can only function when it is performed, not when it is simply read. In other words, do you believe that a great drama can exist when it is just words on a page, or does Drama require the human element to actually make it work? Is a play read in a textbook just poor prose, or depending on how it is written, can it be just as good? What do you think? Why do you think this? You will be engaging with narrative, language, character, and tone, but you must show me how these aspects of literature must be performed in a drama to function, or you need to show me how these aspects can work fine on the page alone. You will want to carefully consider aspects of performance, staging, and direction as well.

Do not simply summarize a play or tell me what the play means but instead actively argue for or against the assertion above. Remember, do not just summarize. As always, feel free to show me drafts.

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