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Why should we ban guns in the USA?

Write a persuasive speech about why should we ban guns in the USA.


• Your speech MUST be in Problem-Effect-Solutions Format.
• Your speech should be from 8-10 minutes.
• You should have at least six sources, at least four of them MUST be reputable journals articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles.
• Type the citations for 6 sources you plan to use to develop your speech in APA reference list citation format. Next, under each individual citation, paste the abstract (brief summary) of the source. If an abstract is not provided, write one.

• Important details:

– At least four of your sources MUST be reputable journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, or books/book chapters found through library databases. Strive to use a variety of sources (e.g. do not use all newspaper articles). Two may be reputable open websites—or any of the source types listed previously. If you choose to use any open websites (websites found outside the library databases) you must type answers to the five prompts given at the end of this sheet. Type your answers to these prompts directly below the citation for the open website if an open website is used.

-If an open website source is used answer the following questions:
1. What is the domain name (that is, .com, .org, .gov) and what does that tell you about the quality of information on the website?
2. Explore the “About” link to determine what person or organization created the website. What makes you think this person/organization is reputable? What biases may be present in the information?
3. Who created the specific article or document you plan to use from the website? What are their credentials? Is a resume or biography listed? Is contact information listed?
4. When was the website last updated? Is the information current?
5. What additional sources are referenced on the document? That is, what information did they draw on to create the source? Are these sources reputable? How can you tell?
• Create no more than SEVEN visual aids
• Your outline should contain a reference page containing all of my sources in APA (6TH ed) format.

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