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Speech Critique Assignment


For this assignment, you will be watching and critically analyzing a speech from the list at the bottom of the

page. You will use the Canons of Rhetoric as your guide. Specifically, you will be answering questions listed on

the following pages related to the Canons of Rhetoric. The purpose of this assignment is to practice critically

evaluating the information we are receiving. This not only helps us evaluate the information we receive, but

also helps us make decision based on our criticisms. Furthermore, critiquing a speech helps us offer

constructive criticism rather than ineffective criticism.

The assignment specifics are below:

Select a speech from the list below

The title of your speech will be the name of the speaker and/or speech

Answer each question using complete sentences

You should be analyzing, evaluating, and critiquing when answering


Use examples and descriptions of speech to support your evaluation

Your answers should be in paragraph format organized by headings


Headings and subheadings will be


below where questions are

No introduction or conclusion needed

No outside research needed

Minimum of 600 words

Legible font, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced

Failure to follow the format and questions will result in poor evaluation

Speeches to choose from:

Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor-

Impractical Jokers Best Man Speech-

Conner Informative Speech Tommy John Surgery-

Best Man Speech-

George W. Bush Post 9/11 Speech-

Ellen Commencement Speech-

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