Why are most Hinduism vegetarians?

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Hinduism Religion Speech

Limits words- 1000 words(not include the words of diagram or drawing or chart or etc.)

Topic- “Why are most Hinduism vegetarians?”

Speech tips

Talk about what the item is and how it relates to Hinduism and their religion.  Strive for the following basic elements in this speech:

  1.  Develop your topicthat is symbolized in the object you have chosen.
  2.  Create an introduction that a) gets the audience’s attention, b) clearly introduces your artifact, and c) clearly details what you are going to talk about. Here is the Stand Up, Speak Out chapter on Introductions.
  3. Show the diagram or drawing or chart or etc. by making yourself (do not copy from Google) and explain in detailabout your diagram or drawing or chart or etc.
  4. Gets the audience’s attention by adding interesting information or giving example or asking the question to audience or something.
  5. Get the information from Reliable resources.

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