Data Analytics Life cycle

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Reading: Chapter 1, “Introduction to Big Data Analytics”

Chapter 2, “Data Analytics Life cycle”

Big Data is data whose scale, distribution, diversity, and timeliness require the use of new technical architectures and analytics to enable insights that unlock new sources of business value.

Initial Post:

(1) Create a new thread and Name a few companies that dominate their sector through data science and data analytics. Mention on what basis are these companies effective in terms of data analytics.

(2) Chapter 1 discussed driving data deluge. Explain by giving example the concept of data deluge using four sources such as mobile sensors, social media, video surveillance, video rendering, smart grids, geophysical exploration, medical imaging, and gene sequencing?

(3) Chapter 2 described the data analytics lifecycle which is an approach to managing and executing an analytical project. What are the benefits of doing a pilot program before a full-scale rollout of a new analytical methodology? Discuss this in the context of the mini-case study of your selected organization.

Peer Response:

Select at least two (2) other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.

Note: All original posts and comments must be substantive. (original post deliverable length is about 250 – 300 words). All sources should be cited according to APA guidelines.


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