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What every CEO knows about Cloud

What does every CEO needs to know about Cloud?

* prepare a strategic report on one of the following emerging IT/IS/IM trends for consideration by the organisation’s CEO.

* The CEO will be looking for you to demonstrate your skills in being able to describe and explain the IS/IT/IM concepts and issues raised in the article.

* Also your ability to determine their relevance to $RU’s industry context, business processes, information systems, information technologies and information management needs.

* As well as provide the CEO with feedback on how you are going in tackling your overall task, and where there may be need for further support and skills development.

Plan should iNclude

i) scope the given topic,

ii) provide a review of at least five relevant information sources (required to find relavent sources – 2 of similar Havard Business review articles, one journal + 2 other). You need to get resources on the topic.

iii) identify and schedule your research, analysis and writing activities

You are required to prepare a report on the current ‘state of play’and future prospects for an emerging IS/IT/IM trendin a given organisational context.

It consists of 3 parts:

A. a critical review of an assigned article

B. a plan – incorporating a proposed outline for your final report, schedule of research and writing activities, and review of key information resources

C. a final report.

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