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Weighted Scoring Model- Week 1- Lab

Weighted Scoring Model- Week 1- Lab

This course utilizes the Practice Labs technology. This platform allows for you to interact with full-versions of various software, servers, and application components without downloading anything to your personal computer. The platform is cloud-based and web-browser accessible. Directions for each of your course activities are shown on the desktop area within the lab system.

Weighted Scoring Model Overview

See the Practice Lab section below for an overview of the Practice Lab system.

Labs are included within the course to supplement the weekly readings with hands-on practice. The lab activities in this course are designed to provide class members practical exposure to Microsoft (MS) Excel and MS Project. Output from the labs are posted in the same week’s interactive assignment, due on Friday (day 4). Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete your lab portion of the course and do not wait until the last moment to complete your work!

Projects and programs help an organization meet their objectives, and it is therefore important that an organization choose projects and programs that align with its strategic plan. In Chapter 2 of the textbook, Schwalbe (2016) reviews a variety of tools used in project selection. One of these tools, the weighted scoring model (WSM), will be used in this assignment.

However, instead of using this tool to evaluate how an organization’s strategic plan aligns with various proposed projects, you will be using this tool to evaluate how your short- and long-term goals align with the various jobs and careers you are considering.

Prior to completing this exercise, review Chapter 2, pages 50 to 52 in the course textbook (Schwalbe, 2016) and the Vigar (2013) video in the Required Resources (as well as any that you would like from the Recommended Resources) for an example of the weighted scoring model and how it is used. If you are new to Excel, you may also wish to utilize the extensive help systems present within your own version of Excel (2007 or above), Excel O365, or the version of Excel in the Practice Labs for this course.

You can also search YouTube using the phrase ‘how to use Excel’ for videos that can help you become more familiar with the tool. This week’s laboratory activity must be completed and saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls, or .xlsx), which will be posted in the Weighted Scoring Model interactive assignment this week. Use the template provided for this exercise. No title page is needed.

Weighted Scoring Model- Week 1- Lab Instructions:

  1. Open the assignment template within your version of Microsoft Excel. Fill out your name, date, and write a two- or three-sentence overview for this assignment (individualized scope statement for this project).
  2. Choose at least four potential careers or jobs that interest you (now, after you graduate, or in the future).
  3. Choose five criteria that are important to you when choosing a job/career. When choosing your criteria, consider your short- and long-term strategic objectives.
  4. Choose the weight you want to give each decision criteria. The weight of all the categories together need to equal 100%.
  5. Rate each job/career on your given categories.
  6. Calculate the weighted average in the Excel template provided. Formulas are already in the template.
  7. Write answers for the following three notes for your table:
    • Explain the results of the weighted scoring model and the decisions that would be made if only the weighted scoring model was
    • Explain how this choice aligns with your career objectives.
    • Identify at least two things you’ll need to do in order to accomplish your career goals.
  8. Check your spreadsheet to ensure it is something you would be proud to hand to a project sponsor. This means
    • The spreadsheet stands on its own, meaning an outside person can read and understand the choices you are considering and the choice you’ve made.
    • The sheet is error free. Remember in Microsoft (MS) Excel you need to manually check for spelling and grammar.
    • The spreadsheet looks professional when printed (do a print preview to check).
    • Save your Excel Spreadsheet using your last name, course week, and today’s date (for example 2016.11.15 Wk1 Smith) to a location on your computer’s hard drive.

Title of Your Scoring Model

Overview: Write your overview here.
Criteria ElementsWeight given to choicechoice 1choice 2choice 3choice 4
Weighted Scores0.
1) Explain the results of the weighted scoring model and the decision you would make based only on results of this model.
2) Explain how the job choice aligns with your career objectives.
3) Based on the results of the weighted scoring model, identify at least two things you will need to do in order to accomplish your career goals.
References for sources used in this Assignment
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