Week 7 Case Study

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BMW of North America: Dream It. Build It. Drive It.

  • This case is found in your Harvard Business Coursepack. Before reading it, watch the videos on mass customization, then go online to research this concept and take some notes for yourself. This will allow you to understand the case and complete the analysis more completely.

Mass Customization: What, Why How and Examples

  • Mass customization is an important marketing strategy concept, which numerous brands are adopting these days. Moreover, the concept is also utilized in the development of marketing strategies for product and service lines and during the process of recognizing the target audience of a brand or business. Click on the above link to an article that discusses:
    • What is mass customization?
    • Approaches to mass customization.
    • How it is helpful for entrepreneurs?
    • Insights into modern concepts related to mass customization.
    • Challenges in mass customization.


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