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Week 1 discussion cloud computing

This week you have two discussion areas to post to:First, post an original thread in the group discussion area for Week One on one of the following topics:

In your opinion, Is cloud computing the next iteration of the computing model? Or is cloud computing merely a formalized definition of all Internet activity?
Explain, compare and contrast homogeneous and heterogeneous computing models. Provide examples of each.
Can a person be on the Internet today without touching “the cloud?” Fully explain your answer.
Create and share your own definition of cloud computing. Why is there debate over the definition?

One note of caution: Do not cut and paste directly from the Internet to the discussion forum. That is plagiarism, and, as a minimum, you will receive a grade of zero for the discussion assignment. Instead, summarize what you find in your own words. Remember to properly cite your sources. Read all postings and respond to at least two for minimal credit. These postings are due by the end of the academic week to get credit.

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