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Ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle living


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I. Introduction

  1. Quote, anecdote, or personal experience to capture your audience’s attention

Ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle living.

  1. Ideas or statement that build-up to the main reason for the speech

These ideas are on the dream of work that the persona wishes to be in the future (nurse if not a doctor). The nutrition and lifestyle ideas significantly contribute to various diseases that are nutrition and health-related. The other idea is the treatment procedure and the prevention measure that one can employ to limit diet-related issues.

  1. Summarize the main idea and briefly state the main points
  2. Summary of the main point

The main point is on the nutrition facts and various ways that can be used to achieve it. These ways can be by following the various methods provided in achieving a balanced diet, handling of the food and the various health benefits that certain foods tend to be having more than others.

  1. Main point 1

Healthy lifestyle living where it includes the ways one usually deals with various life issues, the kind of diet that one takes, contributes to either good health or bad health, which have got signs of malnutrition.

  1. Main point 2

Hospitalization procedures where they got to understand several procedures involved in the nurses’ treatment process. The nurses typically carry out the various duties in their profession and the relationship between diets and an individual’s health.

  1. Main point 3, optional

The point here is the disease and prevention measure that can be dealt with much by having a good diet. How people understand the treatment options is varied thus very important to develop a plan on which treatment procedure is better by the health experts. Some people will observe the lifestyle, while others will opt to use other treatment resources to continue with their unhealthy nutrition lifestyle.

II. First Main Point

  1. Supporting material 1

Lifestyle living is diversified as it includes the various practices that a person is taking so that he/she cannot develop health-related issues that come from a poor lifestyle living. The supporting material here is the nature of diet that people take where it should be a balanced diet so that lifestyle nutrition health-related problems can be decimalized.

  1. Supporting material 2

The other supporting material on lifestyle is attending gym halls and the various training fields where one can do multiple practices on the body. This may include running, jogging, playing football and many more.

  1. Supporting material 3, if you have one

Another one can be through avoiding foods with cholesterol-free foods and those that have not been approved for human consumption. This prevents one from getting attacked by the various disorder and disease that are related to such. The disease prevention and treatment that are nutritional and lifestyle-related include educating people on its importance and how easily one can achieve a balanced diet.

III. Second Main Point

  1. Supporting material 1

The main point two is on hospitalization procedures and codes of conduct where the person states that when his grandfather was hospitalized, they were allowed to get in touch with during day time on certain hours.

  1. Supporting material 2

Observing how the doctor was conducting the treatment procedure is what made him admire becoming a nurse that; he observed the doctor being polite, caring, loving, which greatly inspired him.

  1. Supporting material 3, if you have one

IV. Third Main Point

  1. Supporting material 1

The disease prevention and treatment that are nutritional and lifestyle-related include educating people on its importance and how easily one can achieve a balanced diet. Also, the governments can implement preventive measures, such as resources like finances, in employing the prevention measures.

  1. Supporting material 2

Also, one can ensure that he/she observes the fundamental concept when handling foods, such as keeping them in clean places. Avoid taking food expired and the one that has not been approved by government authority fit for human consumption.

  1. Supporting material 3, if you have one

Also, one can have a check up on the body health after every six months, which will help minimize the chances of getting attacked by illnesses that are nutrition-related such as cancer.

V. Conclusion

  1. Restate main point 1

Nutritional facts and the various ways to achieve it.

  1. Restate main point 2

Healthy lifestyle living and the various ways in which a person can achieve it.

  1. Restate main point 3, if you have one

Hospitalization procedures and the code of conduct and ethics observation by the doctors and nurses.

  1. Summarize the ideas presented

From the ideas presented, one must ensure a healthy living lifestyle, nutrition facts that have been presented to them as they all have an ultimate purpose of achieving a healthy life for an individual. The nurses are always expected to observe their codes of ethics in their workplaces; this helps keep trust between them and the patient that the procedures of treatment are reasonable.

  1. Restate the introduction or conclude with a compelling remark

Every young person always has a dream that they would want to be achieved in their whole life. Some of these dreams are like the kind of work that one would wish to have when the time comes. When working in the workplace that used to dream about, they always have some satisfaction on it and tend to perform it better. When one is not featuring in the dream career, then cases of gross misconduct are observed much, and that one works without motivation and under a lot of surveillance by the seniors thus being pushed most of the time to perform certain task.

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