Personality disorder

Based on the information I provide and what occurs in the clips, make your best guess as to what personality disorder is represented (note these are snippets and we could never diagnose with so little information, but make your best guess).

Clip 1: Tea in the sitting room scene. What do you think the husband (Christopher Tietjen) has? What do you think the wife (Sylvia) has? Support your answer for both [make sure to listen to my background info as well that I give before and just after the scene].

Clip 2: Hotel room scene. Based on this scene, expand on your evidence for Sylvia’s potential personality disorder. {you can stick with what you had when you first saw clip 1 and add to it or change it and explain why- just be sure to support your answer}

Clip 3: Summarize the interview of the woman with BPD. Discuss your reaction to what she said (what surprised you, stood out to you, interested you, etc.)

Last Updated on April 19, 2021

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