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Voting Elections and the Electoral College

Watch Electoral Dysfunction & Read the Additional Sources (on your chosen topic): Voting, Elections and the Electoral College

As you watch the video, think about the following and take notes to prepare to answer these questions in your original post:

Voting, Elections and the Electoral College Questions

What is the most significant problem with our voting system that needs to be fixed (preferably related to either Voter ID laws or the electoral college)? Why? Be specific.

Compare the solutions to this problem and analyze them to determine which solution you think is the best solution to the problem? Why? Be specific.

What obstacles or problems would your proposed solution face if you tried to enact it? Why? Be specific.
Voter ID Laws Sources

Voter ID Laws: State Overviews in Effect

Voter ID Law Requirements by State (very detailed)

General Fact Sheet on Voter ID (FAQ)

National Review Article: Conservative Arguments for Voter ID Laws

Historical Context of Voter ID Laws.pdf (Anti-Voter ID)

Electoral College Sources

How Stuff Works: Electoral College

Why Electoral College May Not Change Anytime Soon

National Popular Vote Organization

State Level Solutions to the Electoral College

Cato Institute: Libertarian Perspectives on Electoral College Solutions

Graded Original Post & Response:

Using your notes from the video, the materials from previous lessons such as those about elections, parties, the Constitution, etc., and the provided additional reading sources in this instruction sheet, answer the three questions above in a post. When you have it ready in your Word program, cut and paste using the keyboard shortcuts for cut/paste, and post it to a new thread in the discussion board. You cannot edit or repost once it’s posted, so do NOT post until you are ready.

Format of Original Post:

Title of Thread: Must contain the problem/solution you will address. This makes it easy for others to find posts they want to respond to.

Number your answers: using the three questions above.

Citation of Sources: Please cite the video, sources from the source lists below, and course materials as you use them in your post so that we can tell where you got each idea. No direct quotes are allowed. You MUST write the entire post in your own words. Note where you got ideas/facts from by giving us the source in parentheses after you use it (National Review Article) or by saying where you got it in the sentence, such as “Lesson 5’s notes point out that…”

Length: There is no minimum/maximum, but most people will need at least one to two paragraphs to answer each question.


Your opinion is not what will be graded. Your understanding, analysis and originality are being graded, not which solution you propose. Please avoid getting tied up in your own opinion. This is an assignment where you show off your depth of understanding, analysis and synthesis of the materials and NOT to give us details of your feelings. I’m happy to start a forum to discuss opinions and feelings specifically, just let me know!

Depth of understanding & analysis: Students sometimes post very generic stuff. Please avoid this. For example, the following is “fluff”: “Democracy is about freedom, and the freedom to choose, and without a right to vote, we are all less free.” Notice this does not get into detail about anything, does not analyze anything specific, and could be written by anyone I asked off the street. Instead, really dig into the materials from the video, the sources below, and lesson materials and apply those to your chosen problem/solution.

Voting, Elections and the Electoral College

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