Simply write an in depth paper part 1 on resilience.
Note:: there is a part 1 and part2
Please complete 1 page for part1 and 1 page for part2. Attached you will find the whole list of instructions.
Below please references

Required Text:

1). Kirst-Ashman, Karen, K.,(2014). 4th Ed.,Human Behavior in the Macro Social Environment, Belmont, CA: Cengage Publications ISBN-13-978-1-285-07549-5
2). Menakem, Resmaa, (2017). My Grandmother’s Hands

3). Anson, C. Schwegler,R. & Muth. M. Schwartz, (2009). Longman Pocketwriter Companion. CA: Pearson Publications, Inc., ISBN: 2900205591427

4.1 Behavioral Trauma Transmission; The Social Learning Theory; And Resilience

A great debate looms concerning“nature vs nurture.”And such as it is, it becomes ever apparent in the understanding of the effects of ‘trauma from generations before.’  There’s no easy answer, but we can all agree that both nature (genetics) and (nurture) play a pivotal role in transgenerational trauma.

Adults with a history of trauma have certain behaviors, symptoms, and interactions that clearly differ from those who may not have that same history.  For example, someone with a trauma history may stay up very late at night because of insomnia.  They cower when someone raises their hand (even when not to hit).  People with sexual trauma histories may be more-crass, and educate their children differently about sex.  Survivors of trauma may also be highly protective of their children while others may be very aloof.

Let’s take an example of a woman who has survived sexual trauma growing up.  It’s time for her child’s first birthday party sleep over.  She may refuse to let her child go to the party.  She may call her child several times during the party to assure that they are ok.  Maybe, she will come early to pick the child up.  In this situation what does the child learn?  We can project that the child will be wary of new places and experiences, less likely to be adventurous or spontaneous, and might avoid friendships in order to avoid the anxiety of being invited to go somewhere.  The child learns this all without the mother even mentioning her history of sexual trauma.

Instructions: Assignment length= Minimum – 1 ½ full page Part I & 2 (combined). Please attach the Title page (found at end of syllabus). Must be APA margins, 12-point font, double spaced, indented 5-7 spaces, etc.Make certain to write Part 1 & Part 2 above each of your comments.     10pts.


Part 1-After watching the observational film on behavior, respond to the questions on page 64 & 65 of MGHs. What actions would you suggestfrom the standpoint of a micro, mezzo, and macro level?Identify and discuss various types of social services for these youthful clients.


View this film:


Part 2-Reread the contents of page 65, 66 & 67 on “resilience.”  In an in-depth response explain what resilience means to you. Can you relate a specific experience of resilience that you or someone close to you may have experienced as a result generational trauma? Relate the importance of the Social Learning Theory to this trauma. Finally, how might the resilience that was experienced be different from someone who was different (racial, ethnic or geographical) ?

Note:In this (Part 2), you must include two references…one from your text (Human Behavior) and one from MGHs.


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