Visual Arts and Film Studies

Visual Arts and Film Studies

critical review for “priscilla:queen of the desert”

Project description

Discuss how the 5 elements of design on page 280 were utilized in your production. Discuss any two of the 7 objectives of the scenic designer demonstrated in your performance. In Chapter 15 of the 7 objectives of the costume designer support your opinion of how any two were demonstrated.In Chapter 16 on p. 311 the 7 objectives of the lighting designer are presented. Again choose any 2 that you can support from your performance.Discuss the director’s responsibilities and how they were reflected in the production. The play I chose was “priscilla:queen of the desert” showed at the Hobby Center Houston, TX.

This is the website of the theater,

That should give you some info about the stage designs.

Make sure talk about 2 elements of scenic design, 2 of costume design and 2 of lighting design.

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