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Video and Response Essay

Video and Response Essay (20 points)

Watch the documentary about New York City (link below). You ONLY need to watch from minute 1:20:45 to 1:31:30 (about 11 minutes

total). Then, read the attached document, a excerpt from How the Other Half Lives (1890), by Jacob Riis.

VIDEO LINK: New York: A Documentary Film, Episode 3 –



Part 1 Questions: Using the video, the document, and the textbook, write a short essay. answering the following questions:

1. What do the video and the document reveal about living and working conditions in urban areas during the Gilded Age?

2. What surprised you most about those conditions?

3. In document 1, how does the author propose alleviating and avoiding those conditions?

4. Why do you think those conditions developed and persisted throughout the Gilded Age?

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