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Criminal Justice Assessment 1

Thompson Valley Police Service has recently appointed a new police commissioner, Commissioner Jason DeVillain. Currently, the police

organisation is seeking to increase police strength (increase the number of police officers employed by the police organisation). As

such, police recruit intake numbers will be doubled over the next three (3) years. In order to achieve this increase, Commissioner

DeVillain has proposed two (2) key changes to the current police selection process. These changes include:
Police recruit applicants will no longer require completion or partial completion of tertiary education upon entry
Psychological testing will be removed from the selection process.

Task: You are a research and policy analyst for the Thompson Valley Police Service. You have been asked to assess the validity and

likely impact of the two (2) key proposed changes to the police recruitment selection process. In your paper, discuss whether each

of the proposed changes will separately or together help achieve the Commissioner’s intended goal of doubling the size of the police

force, and whether there are likely to be any unintended consequences resulting from one or both of these policy changes. You are

to use empirical research evidence to support your conclusions and recommendations.

You are searching for empirical research – this is usually found in journals – in the form of journal articles
Terms include:
police and education
police and higher education
police and personality
police personality

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