Variceal Bleeding


Mrs. S is a 46 years old woman who works in an office. She has a large glass of wine after work each day to unwind, and often goes out to bars with friends on the weekends.
She has presented to A&E after vomiting large quantities of bright red blood, she has undergone endoscopy and band ligation and now admitted on the ward. She appears to be shaking at times and is pyrexial, becoming more irritable and disoriented.

References should be included at least 2010 until present and UK based publication an UK references only.
Introduce the case study and topic you will focus on. Explain the background to the patient’s problem. Explain the pathophysiology of the problem showing understanding of why it has occurred in the case study.

Give an analysis of the management of the problem from a holistic perspective. Be critical on the literature or management strategy where appropriate, avoid the use of web page references. Extensive understanding of key facts demonstrating an ability to formulate ideas in analysis, comprehensive understanding of methodologies with high degree of precision, highly independent and critical judgement. Please include conclusion.

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