Value Speech

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Value Speech

Your second speech will be to present a Value Speech.

Select an object, person (Toussaint Louverture, Haitian Revolutionary) or place that represents a significant aspect of your cultural background, personality, values, ambitions, etc. Even something that might be more abstract, like a concept or an ideal, can also be a possibility as long as it fulfills the other aspects of the speech.

Using your chosen object as a point of departure, develop a 2 – 3 minute speech that explains how this relates to your life. You will want to examine these relations as they pertain to past, present, and future. For example, a new mother might select a diaper as a vehicle for discussing attitudes as a parent. An avid pool player might use a cue to illustrate his/her passion about the sport and how it relates to the personal background.

If possible, though not required, try to use a visual aid, such as the item itself, a picture of the person or place, etc. to help us make connections.

Remember, the purpose of this speech is not to explain the object in detail, but to use it as a vehicle for you to help the class to get to know you better, and perhaps even allow you to get to know a little more about yourself.

NB: You can choose the subject that appears easier for you. But i will prefer that you chose ” Toussaint Louverture as the subject.)


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