Perfume advertisement

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1) Introduction : Provide a detailed textual description and brief assessment of the object that could be used to explain it to anyone. It should be meaningful to someone who is unfamiliar with it, or someone who is visually impaired, or someone who is not from your community or have your cultural background.

A good Introduction will set the tone for the sections that follow. 2) Justification: Provide a solid, thorough discussion of and justification for the semiotic concepts that inform your approach to creating an advertisement for this object. Consider the following questions (these are suggestive and not meant to be proscriptive):

*What rhetorical devices are you using to create your advertisement, and why? How are you using them? To what end? *Which master tropes are you using to structure your advertisement, and how are you using them? *How are you engaging with concepts such as denotation and connotation? Literal and figurative language? Realism? Why and how are these important for your advertisement?


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